Zoe Barnabe Claire Antoine Six Kapoun

Located in the historic heart of Arras and renovated in 2011, the guest house Au Carré Saint-Eloi is the pride of Zoé and Barnabé - the two little ones of the family - Claire and Antoine - their parents - who are happy to welcome you.

By the end of the 19th century, the house adjoined an authentic farmhouse;  moreover a waterpoint designed for watering horses has been identified in the cellar under the dining room. A little alcove has also been found when the south façade (garden side) was enhanced.  

The immediate environment is very pleasant. Behind the wall at the back of the garden (access via the porch a stone's throw from the house), you will see the Crinchon, the underground stream that crosses Arras. It is only from there that you can see it in downtown Arras.

Head towards the gates at the back of the parking lot. From there, you will also see the refuge of the abbey of Mont Saint Eloi (hence our name). The monks took refuge there during the Revolution. Legend has it that there is an underground connecting Arras to this village. Do not hesitate to go to this charming village to admire the remains of the abbey towers: it is one of our favorites (about 7 km from Arras).

A sustainable and accessible house in the historical heart of Arras

In our guest house in Arras, our corridor, dining room, bedrooms and terrace are wheelchair accessible, the garden not.

Au Carre Saint Eloi Logo Tourisme et HandicapWe obtained the “Tourism and Disability” label for mental, hearing and visual disabilities.

In case of any specific requirements, let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to work with you to meet your specific demands. In addition, we try to respect the environment by using natural resources : toilets are filled with rainwater (non-drinkable). Clothes are washed also with this rainwater.

We use LED lights or energy saving lamps and the air source heat pumps was adopted to heat water for bathroom and kitchen.